How To Be a Whole Person- Starting From The Inside/Out!

Have you ever felt empty? Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room? Do you have a full life, but you feel like you’re missing something? We’ve all been there! It’s a part of life! The important thing is, that you realized it, and now you’re on the path to doing something about it!

In this article, I will help you do just that! I will give you tips on how to be a whole person and share with you lessons that I have learned along the way and that I continue to learn. Life is a journey! We are forever learning lessons. We are forever growing as an individual. What makes the difference is, if you choose to allow that positive change to happen or if you choose to ignore it.

Start from the inside/out and allow the positive change to happen! Choose to be whole!

Know That You Are Enough

Being a whole person starts on the inside. Knowing that you are enough is a big first step in this process. Feeling comfortable and confident with who you are is an amazing gift that not everyone receives. Try not to compare yourself to others. Just know that all of your differences is what makes you special. It’s what makes you unique! It’s what makes you, YOU!

When you start to feel down or discouraged, when you start to let other people’s opinions affect you, when you start to question yourself, how about, instead of pointing out everything YOU think is a flaw, look in the mirror and say “I am enough! I am strong! I am brave! I am beautiful! I am whole!”

None of us have “flaws”. None of us have “mistakes”, we only have differences! No two people are alike! Even twins have their own uniqueness! We all have our own personalities, body types, hair styles, skin color. All of that is what makes us beautiful! Isn’t that freeing when you think about it that way?

Be kind to yourself. Love yourself, and everything about you, and remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

It’s OK To Be Happy

This may seem like a very straightforward and simple topic, but it’s really not. If you take a moment and honestly, think about your life, are you really, truly happy? Are you living your best life? Are you in the career you always dreamed of? Are you living the life that makes you happy or are you living a life that makes someone else happy?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then I can pretty confidently say, you are not fully happy. Think about when you were a kid and you had all of these dreams and aspirations. Have you fulfilled any of those? As an adult, we tend to get caught up in the seriousness of life, but what if we looked at life through the eyes of a child? That innocence. That excitement. That curiosity. That eagerness to learn more!

Think back on that, and know that, it’s OK to be happy! It’s OK to go back to those dreams and aspirations, that you had or that you have, and do what makes you happy! When you are happy, you feel whole. You feel complete. You feel fulfilled. You have peace.

You don’t have to change your life drastically to fulfill this step, but just be mindful in everything that you do, and ask yourself, am I truly happy? Does this truly make me happy? If the answer is, YES, then go for it, because it’s OK to be happy!

Take Care Of Yourself First

I already know what you’re thinking! How can I take care of myself first when I have all of these responsibilities? Believe me! I totally understand! This step is not the easiest, but it’s the most important! We have to constantly remind ourselves to take care of our self first!

It is so important to set time aside every day to just do something for you! It can be 10 minutes or an hour, doing something as simple as sitting outside with a cup of coffee or getting a massage. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it should be something!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it helps you clear your mind, gives you peace and helps you feel refreshed! Whatever you choose to do, make sure it helps you feel rejuvenated and energized, so you feel ready to take on the world!

Focus on taking care of you and never feel guilty about it! It’s the best thing you can do for yourself! When you take care of yourself first, you’re able to give more of yourself to others. You will feel like a weight has been lifted! You won’t feel so boggled down and stressed! You will be happier and so will everyone else around you!

This is the number one step to being a whole person!

Be Independent

You’re probably asking yourself right now, what does this have to do with being a whole person? It actually has A LOT to do with it! I’m going to first share with you what independence means… Independence means free from outside control, not depending on another’s authority, not depending on another for livelihood or substance.

I’ll let you think about that for a little bit…

Being independent and being a whole person means, not looking to anyone else for your happiness, not looking to anyone else to sustain you, not looking to anyone else to love you, validate you, believe in you or complete you. Being independent and being a whole person means, you are happy with you and no matter what anyone else says or does, you will be OK.

Being the person you were meant to be, stepping out of someone else’s shadow and walking in your own light. Living in your truth. Walking the path you were meant to walk. These are just some examples of living an independent life!

When you reach this point, you know you have mastered the art of being whole!

Be Whole! Be Happy! Just Be You!

How are you feeling? I hope after reading this article, you are feeling encouraged and motivated to live your best life and to be the best version of you!

It’s OK to not be perfect! It’s OK to have those moments where you’re just human, but try to stay mindful and aware and don’t let yourself get too far off track!

Positive change is like the stages of a butterfly, the first stage doesn’t start off too pretty, but with hard work, dedication, and patience, the end result is gorgeous!

So, stand in there! Don’t give up! You will soon be turning into the beautiful, whole person you are meant to be! Be whole! Be happy, but most importantly, JUST BE YOU!





14 Replies to “How To Be a Whole Person- Starting From The Inside/Out!”

  1. Hi and thanks for a great article. Yes being happy is so important and affects our outlook on life. Are we living the life we want? Most people will probably say no, but as you point out if we look after ourselves first, then we have more to give. So we should not be concerned with what others think about us, but should instead strive to live the best life that we can. Happiness is a choice, a personal choice that we can make each and every moment of every day!
    Kind regards

  2. Dear Janis,

    The title of your post “How To Be a Whole Person- Starting From The Inside/Out” captured my attention and good souls are marching towards to be a whole or complete person and its an ongoing process .

    Knowing that you are enough is a big first step in this process. – Enough is enough! Wow, great insights.

    All the five points you discussed are fundamental and a must to be a whole person. To be honest, I need to work on all the five. Just be you! Awesome advice. 

    I strongly believe this post is going to be an eye-opener for many!

    Wishing you great success!


    1. I’m so glad it helped! It is definitely an ongoing process and it’s so worth it! It’s something we should all continue to strive for!

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Wishing you all the best!

  3. I love that your site is focused on true beauty. There are so many websites and magazines and movies, etc. that are so focused on promoting shallow beauty and distorting societies ideals. But it’s so true that a big part of being truly beautiful and healthy is recognizing that you are enough, and being confident in, and loving yourself.

    Thank you for the reminder to “be whole, be happy, and just be [me]” Keep the awesome, wholesome articles coming!

    1. You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate the encouraging words! Being beautiful and healthy starts from the inside/out! Continue to be whole, be happy, and, most of all, just be you!!!

      Wishing you all the best!

  4. life is not easy. I understand that. There are ups and downs. Sometimes can have unhappy times. I just be patient and go through one step at a time. When times are hard, I just need to stand strong. It is also important to avoid toxic people. They can more trouble than good.

    1. You’re so right! Continue to stand strong and know that you are enough! Life is not easy, but I know that you can make it through, even the tough times! You got this! Be brave! Be Bold! Just be You!

      Thank you so much for your feedback!

  5. HI Janis, I loved that you asked this question “How are you feeling?” Its such an important question. We don’t need to be happy all the time, and infact I think its impossible, but I think its important to acknowledge how we are feeling as you said, so we can take steps to change this if we need to. I think it can be as simple as listening to a piece of music we enjoy, going for a walk or talking with a friend that can change a persons mood. 

    I did feel encouraged and motivated to be me after reading your article, and not so concerned with other peoples opinions of me. 

    I think thats a difficult thing in todays world is to not be feeling judged or with judging ourselves against the lives of others. With all the social media out there popping up in our faces on how great people are looking, wonderful things everyones doing we can judge ourselves because against someone online version. But remember we all have life going on outside of the online world and that life is our own. Great article on appreciating self worth and giving your self value. Mary

    1. That’s so true! It’s very hard to always be positive and feel confident in your own skin! We all struggle with that at some point! The best thing to do is recognize that, and try not to let yourself stay in that!

       The advice you gave about listening to music, going for a walk, is perfect! All of those things definitely help keep you positive!

      I’m so glad this encouraged you! Thank you so much for your feedback!

  6. Hi Janis,

    I agree with your article, but unfortunately this is a hard concept to put yourself first and be happy. I think from young children we are taught to think of others, and I would say definitely more girls than boys are taught this concept. But it is always forgotten to remind our children how important it is to think of ourselves first.

    I learned this hard lessen as an adult, my psychologist told me one day that I could not make people happy, that was there job, I was beginning to think he needed my chair more. But when he broke it down, it made perfect sense. One problem I had, was I never said no to anybody. If they needed, I found a way to get done, except I was not caring for myself. My project was to say no to everybody in my life, until I discovered what would make me happy. It was so hard to do, I felt awful, but also relieved for the first time ever. And when I finally had a minute to myself I knew what made me happy and it was ok to be happy. It was then that I could again help others, but only if it made me happy. A great lesson. You post definitely touched on very similar concepts. We need to start teaching our children to respect and love themselves and make themselves happy, and I believe they will then think about others with the same respect.


    1. I’m so happy for you! It sounds like you’re on the right path! Loving yourself and focusing on you first, is a big step to being a whole person! A lot of us give to others first and then have nothing to give to ourselves! That’s a dangerous thing to do because, it leaves you empty, drained, and feeling negative, but when you fill yourself up first, you have more to share with others! 

      I completely agree! As parents we should teach this to our kids! It would help to make the world a more positive place!

      Thank you so much for your feedback!

  7. For me, to be independent and free, I think it depends on every person. I love to cook and I find joy with my cooking but I’m more than happy if I see my family are happy and enjoying the dishes I’m cooking. Doing things for myself alone seems lonely but doing things to help and encourage others is far more fulfilling. I’m not relying on their approval but to see others being a part of your life is a joy.

    You want to help others to become a whole person for themselves. Somehow, I prefer to help others in need and to see them got the help they need is like I’ve fulfilled my purpose in life.

    1. I completely agree! When I wrote about being independent, I wasn’t implying to be alone, I was writing, in regards to, not depending on others to fulfill you, but being able to be happy and whole within yourself! 

      I definitely feel that we should surround ourselves with positive people, just as long as, we’re not depending on others to validate us! 

      Hope this clarify’s it for you! Thank you for your feedback!

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