Be Motivated, Stay Motivated- Live Your Best Life

When you wake up in the morning, do you jump out of bed, looking forward to the day ahead? When the sun hits your face, do you cover it back up, and have this feeling of not wanting to get out of bed?

I believe we all have those moments, but if it tends to be on a regular basis, it would be a good idea, to look deep down, and figure out, why you are feeling that way!

Being motivated and staying motivated is not always easy, but when you keep it in the forefront of your mind, it will become automatic!

Every morning when you wake up, remind yourself of your dreams and goals! When the sun hits your face, smile! Be thankful for another day!

It’s time to soar above the negativity and live your best life!


Did you know that being or feeling insecure, can lead to procrastination? When you are feeling insecure, do you have the motivation to step out and accomplish your goals?

The answer is… No! When you are feeling insecure, about yourself, or about what others think, or might think, that insecurity stagnates you! It stops you dead in your tracks and keeps you there! You start to second guess everything and then you just stop, and possibly even, give up!

Fighting that insecurity with positive thoughts and positive affirmations is the key to overcoming those negative feelings! When you focus on being secure in who you are, and happy with who you are, you will rise above that self-doubt and instead of procrastinating, you will choose to be proactive in your success!

Seeing the results of your productivity will raise your security level to new heights! You will see your hard work and determination pay off, and that alone, will help you to be motivated and stay motivated!

Fear Is The Enemy

Fear is the number one enemy, that keeps you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. When you give into your fear, it leads to so many other things, such as, depression, anxiety, loneliness, just to name a few. It’s so hard to be motivated and stay motivated when you are suffering from fear and the other feelings that come with that.

Giving into your fear is almost like, locking yourself in a cell, but you actually have the key in your pocket! Be your own hero! Fight for you! Unlock the cell door with the key of courage! Take that first step with love and peace! Hold your head up high with confidence, knowing, that no matter what may come your way, you will no longer live in fear, but you will choose to be brave and you will choose to be bold!

You are in charge of your future. Never let negativity deter you from your success!

No More Excuses

It’s time to be successful, accomplish your goals and dreams, and there’s no room for excuses when you are busy doing that! When you make excuses, you give yourself permission to procrastinate, and we all know what that leads to!

Are your excuses because of fear and insecurity? When you start to make an excuse, ask yourself, why, and actually answer yourself! It might seem a little weird at first, but it’s important to figure out the reason why, when you first make the excuse! The more you do that, the less likely you will be to fall into that negative mindset!

Stop the excuses dead in their tracks! Replace the excuses with positive affirmations! Keep yourself focused on what you want to accomplish and encourage yourself along the way!

You are brave! You are bold! You are a beautiful being! Let your determination over ride the excuses, and be the powerful, positive person you are meant to be!

One Step At A Time

We all know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Changing your mindset will take time! How we think, feel, and look at life, happened over the course of time!

You will have your good days and bad days, but give yourself permission to do that! Know that is all a part of the process, but when you have those bad days, don’t stay in that! Let yourself feel, and at the moment of those negative feelings, learn to address them and then let them go. Love yourself even more in those moments! Forgive yourself and others, so that negativity does not consume you!

Choose to focus on the positive! Listen to positive music, watch a positive, motivational video, read a positive book! Surround yourself with positivity!

Your thoughts are very powerful! They can either help you or hurt you! You should continually stay aware and mindful of what you’re thinking! Be in charge of your thoughts and realize the power that you can have over them! You can choose to change your way of thinking, change how you feel, and change your life by just one thought! How will you choose to think?

Take it one step at a time! Try not to let yourself get discouraged! Focus on what’s ahead and what’s to come! Continually reassure yourself and remind yourself that you will get through this!

It takes time and patience, try not to rush the process, but continue to live in the moment! Enjoy the process! Learn the lessons! Life is a journey! Make the decision to make it a positive one, choose to be at peace, no matter what you’re going through, and take it one step at a time!

Live Your Best Life

I know that sometimes, living your best life is easier said than done, but you’ve been given the tools to be able to live your best life! Use them to overcome the road blocks you may encounter! What we thought was a bad situation, was actually a learning experience for our good!

Learn the lessons that are put before you, and let them make you stronger and wiser, and you will be successful in everything that you do!

You were put here for a reason! You have a purpose! You can make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others! No longer let fear, insecurity or excuses rule your life, but encourage and empower yourself! Go through life with a new, more positive outlook! Make a promise to yourself to, not just be motivated, but stay motivated!

Trust in yourself! Believe in yourself and know that you can do it! You can achieve whatever you believe! You are what you think!




4 Replies to “Be Motivated, Stay Motivated- Live Your Best Life”

  1. Great post and it is motivating!

    It is easy to say, oh no, I can’t do it and stay in that comfortzone.

    But sometimes you only got one shot, and indeed, fear is the enemy, but don’t let fear guide you, since you will fail everytime.

    Think like this, I can do it, no matter what, because I can really, really outreach myself, I am unique.

    Thanks for this motivational post!

  2. Everything within this article is something I can certainly attest to as I’m very motivated to be fit and take care of what needs to be done for my health and such. Just like most things I do agree it takes time and more importantly patience that a lot of people don’t have or are not willing to put in.

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